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Modern weddings are a lot of work. For the bride, the groom, the bridal party, the family, and even for the guests, weddings can be an exhausting joy filled whirlwind. 

Weddings are wonderful, but they come with a lot of emotionally charged situations that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. No matter how you're involved,  you are someone who matters to the people who are getting married and that means you are important. With a little practical help, you can shine in whatever role you've been assigned for this happy day- we're here to make that easier to do. 

I've lost count of the number of weddings I've been involved in.

 I've been an event planner, a day-of-coordinator, a venue representative, a reader, a bridesmaid, a bride, an announcer, an assistant caterer, a bartender, and I've even been a guest a time or twenty. 

Arguably the most important thing to know about my bridesmaid and friendship skills is that I was a bridesmaid in my ex-husband's ex-girlfriend's wedding last year. It was lovely. 

When I'm not wrapped up in the world of matrimony, I'm a Flight Attendant for a major US Airline, a blogger, and I help my mom run our family businesses in Vermont

My professional background is in politics, both as a candidate for public office and as a field organizer. I've worked for a variety of non-profit groups, in retail, in state government, and in event planning and coordination. 

Fun facts: I competed at Miss America a few years ago, and in a pinch I can also officiate your wedding as a Universal Life Church minister. 





For The BridE:

You've decided to commit to your favorite person and suddenly you're expected to work, have a life, and somehow magically become a professional event planner overnight? Don't you worry, girlfriend, we've got you covered. From getting a handle on the basics of wedding planning so that you can DIY the heck out of your budget wedding, to full-on planning and coordinating your big day in person, we can make it happen together. I can be the enforcer who tells your mom that you need some space, the tequila shot bringer if just space isn't enough, and the person who makes sure that you and your new spouse actually have five minutes alone together after the deal is sealed. Let's add some calm sanity to your planning process and wedding day.  Package suggestion: The Whole SheBridesmaid


For the Groom:

Whether you're tagging along with your best gal, or you're planning a wedding with no bride at all, every guy can benefit from a helping hand to get all the pieces in place. Bachelor parties, showers, pre wedding events, and the big day itself- you know the modern groom has to do more than pop the question and show up at the ceremony. Need help writing your vows, or just want a proof reader?  We'll help you get it all done. 

For the family:

Wedding planning is a team sport. Families today come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you're a parent, step-parent, or honorary parent. Maybe you're technically not related, but you know genetics aren't the only way you assemble a family. You're an important part of this wedding day too, and your sanity matters. We can help you stay happy and proud through the whole process.  

for the guest:

First time wedding guest? Invited to your ex's wedding? If you've got a sticky guest situation, we're here to help you solve it. 

for the pets:

We offer a full selection of Wedding Day pet wrangling services! Is your pupper your flower girl? Is your doggo the guest of honor? Someone needs to be holding that leash and making sure Fido is hydrated, fed, clean, and happy on your big day. We love animal lovers!


Packages start at $15

 Shoot us an email with your situation and we'll get back to you with pricing!


For the Bridesmaid:

Is this your first Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid gig? Is it your tenth and you love her, but you're SO over the process?  Bridal showers, bachelorette weekends, rehearsal dinner speeches, reception speeches, what to wear, what to bring, and how to stay calm to support one of your best friends in the world... it's just so much. We're here to help you shine like the great friend/sister/cousin you are. We can help you with simple tips and tricks to help you do it all yourself, or we can tackle all the planning while you get the credit- your call.

For the groomsman:

Your job is simple: look sharp, be respectful and supportive, and plan the best bachelor party of all time. No pressure, bro. 

Just let us know what you need and we'll make sure it happens. Piece of cake. 

For the Toast giver:

Someone who loves you has asked you to make a speech on their special day- we'll help you make sure it's flawless. Public speaking has most people shaking in their shoes, but you don't have to be nervous about this. We'll help you craft a speech that fits the moment and fits you. They've asked you to speak for a reason! Now it's your chance to nail it. 

Weddings are joyful, but the work that goes into them can be stressful. I believe that practicality, humor, and kindness help make a wedding day everything it should be.
— Caroline Bright, A Professional Bridesmaid

consulting Bridesmaid

$15 and up

Do you have a tricky wedding situation that needs a creative solution? Blending two (or more!) faiths into one ceremony? Dealing with a particularly tricky Mother in Law who is INSISTING you have a receiving line that you have no interest in?

First time bridesmaid not sure what to do?

I’ll help you solve your problem quickly, creatively, and digitally via email. The solution might be a script for an email or conversation, or it might be a creative new idea. I’ll provide you with a fresh set of eyes and an objective perspective.


paper bridesmaid

$40 and up

Operation: Get You Married.

I’ll create a custom timeline and handbook for you and your key players for your wedding day/weekend. Creatively named, clearly readable, and straightforward. You’ll be able to send all or parts of this document to your families, attendants, vendors, and venue contact to make sure that your wedding day (or weekend!) flows smoothly.

I can also create a customized wedding planning timeline and plan based on your unique preferences and goals for your wedding day. I’ll work with you on the phone and by email to put together an organized document for you to use to plan your wedding day.


Managing Bridesmaid









The Whole Shebridesmaid


$300 and up

Wedding Coordination and wedding planning help.

All the features of A Paper Bridesmaid plus on site in person assistance with everything you could possibly need to make sure that your wedding day is full of joy and free of worry. This can include wedding day pet wrangling if your furry friend has an important role in the proceedings!

At the end of your celebration I’ll tap the timeline with my glitter pen and whisper “wedding managed” before disappearing into the night.

*Travel fees contingent on location.*


$700 and up

All of the above, plus I serve as an actual member of your bridal party, complete with a cover story about how we became friends. Or no cover story, your call.





Packages start at $15

Contact us today and we'll get you all sorted out!

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